Diwali (Rookie Read-About Holidays (Paperback))

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– Pronunciation guides to less familiar words.
– Includes chart that explains the game of dreidel.
– Holiday books are always in demand in schools and libraries, but the controlled vocabulary of Rookie Books make them especially marketable.
– Excellent resource for classroom unit on holidays.
– Text has fewer than 400 words.
– Word list.
Curriculum Standards:
Grades K-4 Social Studies Standards
Culture: I
– People, societies, and cultures address needs and concerns in ways that are both similar and different
– Language, folktales, music, and art serve as expressions of culture
– Cultural unity and diversity can be identified within and across groups
Time, Continuity, and Change: II
– Accounts of past events, people, places, and situations contribute to our understanding of the past
Global Connections: IX
– Explore ways in which language, the arts, beliefs, etc. facilitate global understanding or lead to misunderstanding

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