1983 - Ninteen Eighty Three

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1983 is a Malayalam sports drama film that was directed by Abrid Shine. He is a renowned fashion photographer who has debuted his directorial skills in this film. The film stars Nivin Pauly, Anoop Menon and Nikki Galrani. 1983 (Nineteen Eighty Three) Malayalam DVD With English Subtitles (2014) is centered around the passion for cricket in a small town in Kerala.

Set in the village of Brahmamangalam in Kerala, the story explores the father-son relationship between two generations of individuals. Nivin Pauly stars as Rameshan, a teenager with a bright mind and a passion for cricket. His father played by Joy Mathew hopes that Rameshan would one day become an engineer. Rameshan however has his heart set on cricket and even creates a local team that is driven by the boy’s talent and passion. His other love interest in the film is Manjula (Nikki Galrani), a smart girl who excels in her studies and eventually moves on to pursue her higher education while Rameshan fails his 12th grade. Rameshan is eventually broken when Manjula marries an Indian-American and gives up entirely by marrying a girl from his village, Susheela (Srinda Ashab).

The newlyweds have a son of their own soon, Kannan, who takes to cricket at an early age just like his father. The film follows Rameshan as he tries to relive and revive his love for cricket through his son, battling poverty and prejudices along the way. 1983 (Nineteen Eighty Three) Malayalam DVD With English Subtitles (2014) was released in 2014 by Shams Films in DVD format. It is rated U, has a runtime of 130 minutes and is available in Malayalam with English subtitles.

  • Starring: Nivin Pauly & Nikki Galrani
  • Director: Abrid Shine

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